Inspiring Little Girl Shares Why She’s Donating Her Hair to Kids With Cancer [VIDEO]

A 3-year-old girl made the brave decision to cut her long hair and donate it to make a wig for children with cancer. Emily James’ experience was filmed from beginning to end and she tells viewers in her adorable toddler voice, “Sometimes kids get sick and their hair falls out. That’s really, really said. I want to give them my hair, because I have more and more hair.”

According to The Huffington Post, Emily donated 7 inches of her hair to a wig shop affiliated with the Canadian Cancer Society. The news source reports that Emily had never had a haircut before and that her parents, Amy and Richard—who own a production company and filmed the process—told her that cancer is a sickness and that sometimes children who have it lose their hair. When they told Emily that she could help those kids, her mother wrote that her daughter was excited to “share her hair” but wanted her uncle Matthew—who owns a hair salon—to do it and asked him to cut her Rapunzel doll’s hair first.

Amy wrote on her blog, “We hope… that as Emily matures she will learn to make her own selfless decisions that inspire and bring hope, even if there is a cost.”

Watch the amazing video below:

What a brave and inspiring little girl! Have you donated your hair before? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us below!