Disturbing “Devil Baby” Marketing Stunt Shocks Passersby [VIDEO]

What was supposed to be a humorous prank involving a frightening “devil baby” doll has turned into a viral internet video sensation.

The prank was inspired by, and was meant to be a marketing tactic for, the new horror movie coming to theaters this Friday called Devil’s Due—which focuses on a young married couple who discover the baby the wife is carrying is the spawn of Satan. The people over at Thinkmodo fashioned a remote-controlled stroller, placed a demonic animatronic infant inside, and filmed the results of their marketing stunt.

The promotion is being called “Devil Baby Attack” and Thinkmodo founder Michael Krivicka told Yahoo News that he thought the project “was an interesting social experiment to see how many people would bother to check on an abandoned stroller.”

Set in New York, the prank begins with an unattended baby stroller which passersby curiously check on. Once they get close enough to the stroller, the crying devil baby doll pops up from under a bundle of blankets and begins to scream, growl, move around, and vomit in a disturbing and adrenaline-pumping scare tactic. Many of the Good Samaritans jumped back in a mixture of surprise and fear at the sight of the doll.

Krivicka added that “Our devil baby was covered and a hidden speaker inside the stroller would play looped audio of a crying baby.” He explained that a team worked close by and watched each scenario unravel as some controlled the remotes and others filmed the events.

“Since the stroller was remote-controlled… we decided to have some fun with it and have the stroller approach specific groups of people—some walking, some sitting around enjoying a hot coffee. Lots of fun reactions there.”

Surprisingly, none of the victims of the prank reacted negatively to being fooled and scared. Krivicka stated, “People were totally cool with being in the video after getting the living hell scared out of them. Each reaction ended with a laugh.”


Video credit: DevilsDueNYC via Youtube

Do you think this was a good way to market the movie or is it a bit too disturbing? Is this prank funny to you?