Sewing Maternity Clothing & Clothes for Kids


Melissa shows us how to sew our own maternity clothing and also sew cute dresses for little girls!


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 With Melissa's tutorials, you can try your hand at sewing maternity clothes for yourself! She also shares cute dresses she has made for her daughters!


Your site has a ton of cute maternity sewing ideas! What is your favorite maternity project you’ve completed, and why is this project your favorite?

The side ruched shirt is definitely my favorite. They’re the most comfortable and most flattering maternity shirt out there, but also usually cost a pretty penny from maternity stores. Being able to take a shirt I found on clearance and quickly tailor it to my growing belly was invaluable!

What are three tips you would give to someone sewing their own maternity clothing? How can one ensure that a piece of maternity clothing will last through the duration of the pregnancy?

-Be patient
-Get creative
-Try it on something you can throw away first
Maternity clothing is tricky. And since everyone grows differently during pregnancy, it’s hard to make any hard and fast maternity rules. Upcycling (reusing an old item) is a great way to inexpensively custom make pieces for yourself. I LOVE hitting a good second hand store and finding unique pieces to alter for myself. If you end up with a dud, it was only a few dollars to try. But if it turns out amazing, it was still only a few bucks! The time you’re in maternity clothes is so short, but by experimenting and making your own, you can use the money you’d spend on one or two store bought pieces and create an entire wardrobe for yourself! Keep it roomy and it’ll serve you well, and remember cleverly placed elastic can do wonders for creating shape!

There are also a number of cute kids clothing items you have made! What has been your favorite so far? What have been your girls’ favorite clothing items so far? Do they always enjoy the fun clothes you sew for them?

For a long time, the majority of what I sewed was orders for other people. So my girls were just models for the clothing, then we boxed it up and shipped it off. The last year I’ve been trying to focus more on things for them and I have to say, they’ve loved it all! My oldest is now learning to sew (she’s five) and she has a strong opinion about fabric choice and colors, so having her input on clothes I make for her has been fun. I also started making patterns this year and they’ve all loved the sudden surge of clothing for them that’s come as a result of sewing for my marketing photos and testing sizes. They tend to watch over my shoulder when they know a garment is for them and they’re eager to try it on as many times as I need. My patterns have been my favorite just because they’ve taken so much time and energy and are so personal to me. Their favorites are always the newest thing to roll off the machine!

Girl's Dress

It’s not easy to find the time to sew between taking care of three little girls! How do you manage your time so you’re able to stay crafty?

I actually have 4 kids now! I had a baby and didn’t mention it on my blog until he was born! It was fun to keep that private part of my life private. But now that he’s here, it’s even more challenging to find the time! Between carpool, nap time, and all the other demands of a day with young kids, it is hard to find the time to create. But it’s my personal time, my escape into me as a person instead of me as a Mom, and it’s important to me to squeeze it in whenever I can. I do most sewing and blogging at night after they’ve gone to bed, but I have been known to put off chores in favor of a great project!


Other than sewing, are there any other crafts or hobbies you enjoy doing?

I love to cook! I’m not a very good baker, but I sure do try. Before kids, I loved to read before bed, but now I’m pretty much out before my head hits the pillow! I like crafts of all varieties, and try to dabble in just about everything.

Melissa Uribe--

Meet the blogger:

Melissa blogs at "Sew Like My Mom" where she posts crafts, recipes, family news, photos of her kids, and more! Check out "Sew Like My Mom" for more sewing tutorials.


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