Parents Try to “Return” Son They Adopted 9 Years Ago


A couple from Ohio who adopted a son 9 years ago are facing up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for trying to “return” their son because of his “aggressive behaviors” in their home.

Yahoo Shine reported that Cleveland and Lisa Cox decided to become adoptive parents in 2004, and through Butler County Children Services, successfully adopted a 3-month-old baby boy.

But on October 24th of this year, the parents had a change of heart and decided they no longer wanted their son; because of this, they agreed to “return” him to children’s services, News Net 5 reported.

In an interview with News Net 5, the child’s guardian ad litem, Adolfo Olivas, went into more detail about the parents’ decision and said, “The parents were willing to get help but the child wasn’t. That just is nonsense to me. A parent is a parent and a 9-year-old is a 9-year-old. If your 9-year-old needs help, you get him help. It is not a question of a 9-year-old wanting it or not.”

The idea to “return” the boy is not one that other people are taking lightly and it is leaving many people in shock.

“I want to provide as much deterrent as I can for parents who think, ‘Oh, I’m honked off at my child; I can just abandon him,’” Butler County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser said in an interview with Yahoo Shine. “After reviewing [the mom and dad’s] financial and psychological abilities, I couldn’t wrap my brain around any defenses people in these circumstances could have about wanting to give back a child.”

According to Yahoo Shine, the boy will remain in custody as a ward of the state until his adoptive mother and father’s trial is over. The couple faces first-degree misdemeanor charges and a judge will also determine whether they should have custody of their son permanently revoked or not.

Yahoo Shine reported that the couple has other children who, like their 9-year-old son, are going to be deeply affected by their parents’ decision.

Olivas told Yahoo Shine, “[The boy is] hurt and confused and traumatized. What does this do to these other kids? You have these siblings and one goes away and doesn’t ever come back because of some behavior issues. Anytime you separate siblings in the blink of an eye like that, it’s got to have some bad effect on them.”

The court hearing that will determine this family’s future will be held on November 27 in Butler County Juvenile Court on November 27.


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