Perfect Recipes for Kids


Are you looking for the best recipes to make your kids? This mom shares her tasty recipes that are popular with her little ones.


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Try making some of these amazing recipes for your kids. Alexandra loves cooking fresh foods for her family and she shares her kids’ favorite recipes with us. Read on to get these popular kid-friendly recipes. Plus, she also reveals helpful tips for first-time cooks!  

What are your kids’ favorite recipes that you’ve made?

Recently, I find myself making my kids all of the favorite meals my mother made for my siblings and me when we were growing up: honey-baked chicken legs, homemade hamburger helper, chicken legs baked with white wine and parmesan, broiled tarragon chicken breasts and pasta with tomato sauce.

Ella (the 3-year-old) also loves homemade granola with milk, and both she and Graham (the 1-year-old) love my mother's peasant bread, which is a recipe I wish I could teach everyone how to make. Truly, it is so easy and so delicious and if I could share only one recipe from my entire blog, this would be it. Ella eats it for breakfast toasted with peanut butter or cinnamon and sugar; Both of the kids eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on it every other day for lunch; Ben and I eat it with our dinner on its own or in the form of a grilled cheese sandwich or panini. I am making it constantly.

Here are all my favorite kid-friendly recipes: Honey Baked Chicken LegsChicken Legs Baked with White Wine and ParmesanTarragon Chicken BreastsSimple Tomato SaucePeasant BreadGrilled CheesePanini, and Granola.

Tomato sauce with pastaTomato sauce with pasta

Peasant breadPeasant bread

Grilled CheeseGrilled Cheese


What are a few simple ingredients that you often use?

Lemons, olive oil, shallots, garlic, onions, white balsamic vinegar, sherry, thyme, rosemary, buttermilk, parmigiano, reggiano, butter and almonds (for biscotti), oats and coconut (for granola), crushed red pepper flakes, salt-packed anchovies, and Maldon sea salt.

What cooking tips could you give to first-time cooks?

Keep it simple. Start by learning how to make a good homemade salad dressing.  Once you see how easy a simple dressing is to make and how nice it is to have on hand, you'll never buy a bottled dressing again. A simple vinaigrette can be used on anything from spring green salads to steamed green beans to boiled potatoes to grain and bean salads. After that, I would say, learn how to roast a whole chicken. A whole roasted chicken can be prepared in under an hour, and it's such an economical piece of meat — whatever meat isn't consumed at dinner can be saved for pressed sandwiches or salads or pastas on subsequent evenings, and you can make homemade stock with the carcass. Finally, and this may seem out of place as a tip for first-time cooks, but if you are up for it, learn how to make bread. There is nothing hard or tricky about the bread-making process, and it is such a rewarding and inspiring process. I mentioned this above, but my mother's peasant bread recipe is about as easy as it gets as far as bread baking goes — you can make it with a baby attached to your hip — and it is truly delicious.

10 Easy Salad Dressings

Whole Roasted Chicken

Peasant Bread

What is your food philosophy?

My food philosophy is pretty simple and nothing novel: the seasons, more than anything else, dictate what ends up on the dinner table. I try to purchase locally grown vegetables (we belong to a CSA) and to buy humanely raised meats (we have been "cow pooling" for the past year) as much as possible. Most nights of the week, I keep dinner preparations simple. What can be eaten raw from our CSA goes into a simple salad, and other vegetables are either steamed and dressed with olive oil and lemon or roasted with olive oil and salt and pepper or quickly sautéed with garlic and crushed red pepper flakes. We eat a lot of hamburgers, whole roasted chicken, panini, grilled cheese and whole grain salads. While I try to make most of the food that I serve my family from scratch, I make exceptions: Goldfish and Graham Crackers are in constant supply.

Which foods do you eat when you feel like indulging?

I have a sweet tooth — I start every morning with a cup of coffee and a biscotti, and when I see that biscotti jar getting low, I get panicky — but when I really feel like indulging, I go out for ice cream … a pint in my freezer won't last much more than a couple of days, and that's no thanks to Ben. And if I can't get out for ice cream, I'll make brownies. I don't think it gets much better than a really good brownie and a glass of cold milk.

Vanilla-almond biscotti

Favorite brownies


Meet the blogger:

Alexandra-StaffordStaying at home with two small children (3 & 1), I consider myself a mother foremost. Like many of my friends, I find myself structuring my whole day around naptime — getting outside as much as possible and not making car trips too close to the precious napping hour, lest the kids fall asleep before we get home. But naptime is so dear because it's during these few hours every day that I can focus on the things I really love doing (not that I don't love my children): making and photographing food I want to share with my blog readers, responding to comments from readers, making the site more user friendly, etc. The blog has definitely evolved over the years, starting as a log of what Ben (my husband) and I were eating pre-children when we lived in Philadelphia, continuing as a chronicle of our cross-country move to southern California (Ben is a Marine), and currently as a journal of our life back on the east coast with two children and one on the way. More than anything, I hope my readers find my blog useful, a resource for finding that simple salad dressing or most-delicious loaf of homemade bread or super-easy crowd-pleasing appetizer or a dinner children and adults alike will enjoy. Blogging brings me great joy and nothing makes me happier than to hear that a reader has had success with a recipe or two.


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