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Try making these family recipes that are healthy and easy to make! This mom shares her family’s best creations!


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Check out these nutritious family recipes! Nisa gives us her favorite recipes for Chinese Vegetable Spring Rolls and Cauliflower Wrap. She also gives us her best kid-friendly recipes!  

Do you have any traditional family recipes you can share?

Yes, my late grandmother’s Pineapple Peel Wine, Beef Ularthiyathu (it’s a traditional slow roasted beef fry with coconut strips), Beef Cutlets, Chinese Spring Rolls, and Skinny Cauliflower Wraps.

Pineapple Peel WinePineapple Peel Wine

Beef UlarthiyathuBeef Ularthiyathu

Beef CutletsBeef Cutlets

Chinese Spring RollsChinese Spring Rolls

Skinny Cauliflower WrapsSkinny Cauliflower Wraps

What spices do you recommend to always keeping in the kitchen?

Spices---like mustard seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, cardamon, ajwain, ginger, garlic... I can never do without Kashmiri Chilly Powder, Turmeric powder, Coriander powder, Pepper Powder, and Garam Masala. Spices not only add flavor to the food, but they also have immense medicinal value; that is probably the main reason why it has become an integral part of Indian Kitchen. Even every day Indian cooking needs one or two spices.

Which kid-friendly recipes do you often make for your family?

Chicken fillet meal, Whole wheat salad wraps, Tandoori chicken wraps, Fish Fingers, and Fried chicken.

Whole wheat salad wrapsWhole wheat salad wraps

Fish FingersFish Fingers

What cooking advice could you give to other moms?

 I would humbly suggest cooking healthy food for your family, occasional indulgence is fine though.  Try to make basics like pizza dough, tortillas, roti, breads at home, and it is worth the effort.

I personally do not advocate freezing food; I prefer to make fresh food with the freshest ingredients that are available locally; that makes cooking much healthier, cheaper, and easier.

Cook with love, tenderness, and warmth... the dish sure would taste yum with lasting memories.


Meet the blogger: 

Nisa-ThomasI am Nisa, a 40-year-old, stay-at-home-mom to my two children, Nidhi (15 years) and Cheriyan (11 years). I have been married to Homey for over 17 years. I was born in Trivandrum, Kerala, known as God’s Own Country, (Southern most end of India) and I am currently living in Calicut (Northern Kerala). My husband works in the Agricultural Ministry and that gives us the opportunity to live in different parts of the country.

Since I graduated long before the internet age, I was not much into it. I worked briefly as a lawyer and struggled to find time to be with my husband and daughter. When my husband was transferred to another state, I decided to quit my career in law and be a full time mom to my children. Looking back, I am glad I made that decision.

I started blogging in March, 2009 with little knowledge of blogging. I just thought of it as a place to store my favorite recipes, and for a long time, I actually did not understand anything about it; slowly, I started learning and my blog just took off. For me cooking has always been fun and easy, and I have tried to showcase that on my site. I believe in healthy cooking and love homemade stuffs more than store-bought ones. I love to cook for my family and I have tried to include step-by-step cooking process in my site. Now I am a passionate and addictive blogger, I love blogging and the learning process associated with it is never ending. I have some great friends through blogging and we are all connected because of food... and it is amazing.

Homey is a foodie, he was bought up in the Northern part of India and loves to explore food. He does not favor eating out much, so I try to create restaurant style healthy food at home... each weekend is special for us.

How did you learn how to cook? Who taught you?

It would be my amazing amma, my mom. She is the ultimate chef in my life. I am still at awe when I see her cooking for a large group with such ease. As kids, my two younger brothers and myself were fussy eaters.  My mom used to make chicken spring rolls, egg rolls, braided buns all filled with vegetables, chicken, and beef. I loved her puff pastry filled with vegetables, eggs, and chicken masala, her beef cutlets, beef samosas, fried rice, chilly fish, chicken soup… the list is endless. I totally admire her in her cooking skills because back then in the eighties, there was no internet, no cooking shows on tv (in India during that time, there was only one channel, Doordarshan), and no fancy cook books, but she made cooking so much fun and easy and each day she would make something different apart from our traditional Syrian Christian dishes.

I started taking cooking seriously after my marriage, and amma helped me a lot during those days.


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