Dad Comforts Scared Daughter with Adorable Duet

Photo Credit: Benjamin J. Ames via YouTube

Photo Credit: Benjamin J. Ames via YouTube

When 4-year-old Adelaide Ames’ bedtime came around and she was too scared to fall asleep, her daddy, Benjamin Ames, knew just what to do.

He grabbed his daughter’s little pink ukulele and began singing a duet with her.

The toddler, who is terrified of fireworks, couldn’t fall asleep with the loud “boom” in the background, so Ames thought singing a duet of “Tonight You Belong to Me” would be the perfect distraction.

Luckily, the entire duet was recorded via webcam and it’s since been watched and enjoyed by tens of thousands of people.

In the video, the little girl is seen continually stopping the song with a cute little “shhh!” to warn her daddy that she may have heard another firework go off.

“We live in a small village and every now and then a firework will go off because there’s a wedding or holiday we didn’t know about,” Ames shared in an interview with Good Morning America, “I was trying to get her tucked in and the fireworks were going off like ‘boom, boom, boom,’ and she just wouldn’t go down.”

He then began singing with her and the rest is adorable history.


Watch the adorable video of the father-daughter below:



Video Credit: Benjamin J. Ames via YouTube

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Photo Credit: Benjamin J. Ames via YouTube