30,000 People Help Toddler Find Her Lost Stuffed Animal

Photo Credit: Facebook

A little girl was reunited with one of her favorite stuffed animals last week thanks to the help of 30,000 people online.

The 18-month-old girl, Maddie Cross, left her little pink bunny rabbit behind and lost track of him while on vacation at Baggy Point Beach in Devon, England.

The parents of a distressed and worried toddler searched the beach to no avail and they were forced to drive home without him.

The saddened toddler had a difficult time falling asleep that night without her favorite companion by her side.

Fortunately, her little pink bunny was found by Deborah Hitchins, a mother of 6 who understands the importance of a child’s stuffed animal. Hitchins, who runs “Family Days. Tired & Tested”, took to her Facebook page and posted a picture of the pink bunny holding a sign that read “LOST; Please help me find my way home! I was found all alone at Baggy Point Beach- North Devon.”

Below the photo she wrote, “This well-worn and obviously well-loved little fella was found sad and he’s staying with us until we can get him back to the family he belongs to. Please share this photo and help him get back to the little person who loves and cuddles him and no doubt misses him.

The post quickly went viral, as Facebook users shared the photo with all their family and friends. Daily Mail reported that the Cross family saw the post within 24 hours of it being published.

Maddie’s father, Brad Cross, shared how grateful he is about everybody pitching in to help his little girl and said “He’s her comforter and she couldn’t sleep a wink without him so when we saw Deborah’s campaign on Facebook we were utterly delighted. And to have the two back together is perfect — she was delighted and has a big smile back on her face. I’m just looking forward to sleep again.”


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Photo Credit: Facebook