Sewing Tutorials & Tips for Moms


Craft a fully lined zippered box pouch and learn where Amanda gets her cute fabrics from in this interview!


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Learn to sew a zippered box pouch and check out other sewing tutorials any mom would love!

Tell us about yourself and "Pretty Modern"! What’s "Pretty Modern" all about, and what inspired you to start blogging at "Pretty Modern"?

I have fond memories of sewing with my mom when I was a girl.  My husband bought me a sewing machine (upon my request) and I was too afraid to try to use it.  The machine sat in the closet for a few years and then I discovered the wealth of knowledge that was available on the internet.  I watched tutorials on YouTube to learn how to sew and crochet and I wanted to give back to the online community that helped me learn these amazing skills.  I started ‘it’s a Pretty Modern life’ to share my knowledge of sewing and crochet with others by creating my own tutorials.

The focus of my site has broadened over the years and I now also feature other tutorials and products, such as healthy juice and smoothie recipes.  "Pretty Modern Products" was launched earlier this year which is a collaboration between my husband (Brett of Squint Innovation and Branding and me.   Brett and I have a love of design and a passion for sharing. We've always wanted to work together and we want to create affordable products that will help solve life's little problems (and make it easier to live a Pretty Modern life).  Our first product, the HangAir was invented by my mom to make the chore of drying laundry easier, better for your clothes and more environmentally friendly.  My husband designed the HangAir and we are so pleased with the response!

Your site features a ton of sewing tutorials! What has been the most challenging sewing project for you to complete thus far, and what made that project so challenging?

I really love the look of zippered box pouches and I searched the internet for a tutorial for a fully lined box pouch.  I was disappointed that all of the tutorials I found were not fully lined and the end result was a pouch with seams showing inside.  The most challenging sewing project I completed has been to figure out how to create the fully lined box pouch I longed for.  I was still a very novice sewer, and it took me a while, but I figured out how to do it with assistance from every tutorial that I could get my hands on.  My tutorial for a fully lined zippered box pouch really launched my site and to this day, it still receives about 8,000 visits per month.  I am so happy to be able to share this tutorial and to help others learn how to sew.

Anchor Tote Bag

Which sewing projects do you think moms would get the most use out of (example, tote bags)?

I’ve heard from a lot of moms and they love to fill their large baby bags and purses with my smaller zippered box pouches.  They have one for every need and then just reach into their larger bag and pull out the needed pouch.  This helps to keep their supplies neat and organized.  Here’s a link to the zippered box pouch tutorial.

Zippered Pouch

For moms searching for pretty fabrics, where would you recommend is the best spot to look? How about best value fabrics?

I buy most of my fabric through Etsy.  You can find the best prices and the best selection.  My favorite fabric right now is the Bekko collection by Trenna Travis for Michael Miller.

What are your top 3 sewing tips for moms?

  1. Sewing is not scary! Anyone can do it.
  2. A fun project to start with is an apron or a simple tote bag.  My first tote was actually quite complicated.  I made Amy Butler’s Birdie Sling and I blogged about it to support others through making this amazing bag.
  3. To get started, try a tutorial on my site.   Read through the whole tutorial first and look at the pictures.  Then give it a try and don’t get frustrated by mistakes…that’s what seam rippers are for!


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