Cute Crafts for the Home


Craft up some cute home decor items, like a honey bear bottle lamp and repurposed tree branch candle holders with tutorials from Catherine at "The Pink Doormat"!


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Catherine shows us how to make a cute honey bear bottle lamp, colored mason jars, repurposed tree branch candle holders, and more! Decorate your home with these lovely and fun DIY items.

Tell us all about yourself and “The Pink Doormat”! What are some of the topics people will see when they visit your website?

My name is Catherine Reyes and I am an architect based in Manila, Philippines. I work a 9 to 5 job for an architectural firm and one day things got a bit stressful in the office and I thought that I needed to de-stress by doing something that I like. I realized I enjoy baking, creating things, and crafting so that's when I decided to create my own blog as an outlet for my creativity. My blog "The Pink Doormat" is where I post my craft projects, write about home decorating, and share recipes that I try.

Your site has a ton of crafts, especially ones you can use at home! Can you share some of your favorite completed projects with us? Why are these particular projects special to you?

My two favorite craft projects that I did were the honey bear bottle lamp, and the repurposed tree branch candle holders. These were just made of materials that I found at home or at work. When I saw the Christmas pine tree trunk in our office a lightbulb instantly turned on in my head and thought that I really have to make something out of it. I had the same feeling when I saw the empty honey bear bottle lying around our house. I was so excited to share what I was going to make. I guess that instant lightbulb feeling, and the thrill of it, made these two projects special.

What supplies should moms always have on-hand in order to make crafting even faster and easier?

Most definitely you need to have a white glue all the time. You can make a lot of craft projects with white glue, from paper crafts to colored mason jars. And if you don't have mod podge, then simply mix white glue and water.

If you're into making cards or scrapbooking, then punchers are really helpful. There are punchers in different shapes that may be useful for different holidays like stars, snowflake, stars, etc.

What are your top three tips for moms to make the process of crafting go smoothly?

I may not be a mom and my priorities may be different but I think time management is the key whether you have kids or you don't. You can use a planner or a calendar on your phone to manage your daily activities.

Organize your materials. Store your beads and buttons in glass jars. Keep your construction paper in file holders, put your paint tubes in old shoe boxes. Store all your materials in a craft room. I think it's easier to work when everything is kept in one assigned place.

Make sure you have enough craft supplies on stock in your craft room so you don't have to go to the store too often. You never know when you will be needing a roll of washi tape of a ball of yarn.

Where do you get your crafty inspiration from?

I get plenty of inspiration and craft ideas from Pinterest or Martha Stewart. I also have a book called Childcraft Make and Do and that's what my siblings and I used when we were younger. That book is easy to understand and is perfect for kids.

What is your favorite type of craft?

I don't know how to knit and to sew so I usually work on paper crafts and upcycled crafts. But I also love to play with fabric whenever I have the opportunity.


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