Educational Crafts for Kids


Teach your kids at home through crafts by Chelsey at "Buggy and Buddy"! They're so fun, your kids won't even know how much they're learning!


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Teach your kids through crafts with these educational craft ideas for kids! You can even use these educational crafts to help prevent "summer brain drain"!

Tell us about yourself, your family, and your website “Buggy and Buddy!” What is your blog’s motto, and what can our readers find on your website?

Before beginning Buggy and Buddy, I was an elementary teacher, focusing mainly on the primary grades. It was a dream job! I loved making connections with all my students and watching them learn and grow. I feel so fortunate now to be able to focus my energy on helping my two children become confident lifelong learners!

I have two children, Lucy (age 5) and Theo (almost 2), who inspire me each day. I’m also fortunate enough to have a very supportive husband (who also happens to be a teacher). I’ve got a bit of a quirky side, love reading nonfiction, knitting, and playing German board games.

Creating "Buggy and Buddy" has been a fabulous opportunity allowing me to instill a love of learning in my children, while also allowing me to share my experiences with other parents and teachers. My motto, “Creating and Educating with Love” really sums up what Buggy and Buddy is all about- nurturing and fostering a love of learning in a positive way. My readers enjoy finding crafts and activities for children that foster creativity and learning while still having fun!.

"Buggy and Buddy" features so many crafts and educational activities for kids! What are some of the educational crafts featured on your website that moms would like to try with their own kids?

Some of my favorite educational crafts center around literacy and science. Lucy really enjoyed helping me create letter stones. She had such a sense of pride helping to contribute to a “toy” that she and Theo both enjoy using. We frequently use the letter stones with Lucy to practice spelling words. Theo is not quite ready for spelling, but uses the stones for sorting and building.

Another favorite craft is actually a science experiment! In the post titled Chromatography Butterflies, we used coffee filters to separate colors in markers. We had a blast observing our results. The coffee filters ended up being so beautiful, we used them to make spring butterflies!

How can moms make crafts and other activities more educational while still keeping the activity enjoyable for kids?

I think it’s possible to make any activity educational and fun just by listening to your child and following his or her lead. For instance, just the other day, Lucy was eating cereal for breakfast, and she asked, “Why do I look upside down in my spoon?” I sat with her, and we started coming up with theories as to why her reflection was upside down in the spoon and even tested some of them out.

Another way to make crafts more educational is to really involve your child in the process. When we made our spring paper mache hats, Lucy helped me gather and prepare the materials. We counted out pieces of tissue paper and brainstormed good areas to do our activity. Just by setting up the craft Lucy practiced counting skills and used her problem solving.

Personally, why do you find it important to educate kids through fun activities and crafts?

After my 12 years of teaching experience, I’m a firm believer that a child learns best not by being pushed in front of rote lessons and worksheets, but by being gently nudged and guided into a world of curiosity, exploration, and creativity. Children become confident learners when you nurture their inquisitive nature in ways that are fun. In this way, children will grow to love learning their whole lives.

What are some resources you recommend for moms who want to find other ways than just traditional schooling or textbooks to teach their kids?

I know this sounds too easy, but the best resource for me is my children. I listen and watch them during play and see what their current interests are. Then I build from there. I always have a notebook with me to jot down things I notice while we're out that inspire ideas.

Also, I frequently use community resources. When Lucy was interested in planting seeds, we went and checked out all kinds of books having to do with plants from our local library. Theo has been working on his fine motor skills, so I took him to a rock garden at our local museum where he happily moved pebbles into and out of a bowl for almost an hour.

And finally, there are so many inspiring blogs out there. I have lists of fun things I want to try with the kids that I’ve seen!




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