Baby is Born in Hotel After Hospital Tells Woman in Labor to Leave

Photo Credit: The Times/UK News

A very excited couple from London rushed to the hospital last month to give birth to their first child. The expectant couple, Michelle Booth, 39, and her partner, Richard Eades, 45, grabbed a taxi and hurried to University College Hospital, where they thought they would be welcoming their little bundle of joy into the world, BBC News reported.

However, the couple encountered the unexpected when they arrived at the hospital and were told to leave. BBC News reported that the midwife who looked at Booth sent her away, saying that she was only in the early stages of labor.

Booth explained to reporters what happened during that brief time inside the hospital and said, “I was looked over by the midwife, who said I wasn’t dialed enough and to come back when I was in full labor. They said I was in the early stages of labor, but it felt a lot further on. Basically they told us there was nowhere for us to go in the hospital.”

Not wanting to go all the way back home, the couple decided to stay close by, and checked into the first hotel they could find. The hotel they stumbled upon first was the Radisson Edwardian Grafton Hotel, according to Huffington Post.

The couple walked inside the four-star hotel and explained their situation. The hotel staff then welcomed the couple with open arms; not only did they give the couple a hotel room, (which is not normally done during that time of the day,) but they also upgraded them to a nicer room.

The couple went to their room, prepared to wait until they could go back to the hospital—little did they know, they would be returning to the hospital as a family of three.

As time progressed, the pain Booth experienced worsened. Her concerned partner continually phoned the hospital, but the midwife kept assuring them that Booth was only in the early stages of labor.

But at 2:30 p.m., Booth’s stage of labor far surpassed what the midwife was claiming. Lying on the bathroom floor, Booth began to push, and then her partner caught their son.

Booth talked about what it was like when she held her baby boy for the first time and said, “It was a bizarre moment. We looked at each other like, ‘did we just do that? Have we really had a baby in a hotel?’ Then it was complete elation.”

Huffington Post shared that paramedics were sent over to the hotel room and the umbilical cord was cut; then the couple and their 8lb, 8oz baby boy were all transported to the hospital.

The couple, who decided to name their healthy baby boy, George Reggie Eades, chose the middle name based off the acronym of the hotel’s initials (R.E.G.) as a way to commemorate the wonderful hotel staff who helped them in a time when no one else would.


Photo Credit: The Times/UK News