Shannalee Shares Fun Recipes For Kids

Tell us more about yourself, your site, and your family.

I’m Shanna, the creator of Food Loves Writing, a blog I run with my husband, Tim. I started the site back in 2008, on the anniversary of the day my grandma passed away, and since then, it has become a place that’s changed my life—bringing me into a new lifestyle of eating whole foods, living in Nashville, and marrying the love of my life, Tim, whom I met through the blog.

Are there any unique foods in Nashville that you love? Do you think the food in Nashville is any different than the food in other states?

Nashville has such a great food scene—and you don’t have to take my word for it: everybody from The New York Times to Bon Appetit to Southern Living has written about it. There are so many restaurants source ingredients from local farms and artisans!

Your website has a lot of amazing recipes! What are a few of your favorites?

I love the raw brownies, the kefir-soaked spelt pizza crust, the raw berry cream pie, and the kale almond pesto.

Pizza Crust

Pizza Crust

Rawberry Pie

Raw Berry Cream Pie

Kale Pesto

Kale Pesto

Where do you find most of your recipes? Do you have any favorite cookbooks?

I subscribe to a long list of food blogs and keep track of all the recipes I want to try on Pinterest.

What are a few cooking lessons you’ve learned?

Cooking is just as much about weeknight meals as it is about fancy desserts for birthday parties; it’s OK to make mistakes; and fresh ingredients are better than almost anything I can whip up. I’ve learned to enjoy food and the process of cooking with it and to see it as a vehicle for creativity, for pleasure, and for loving people around me.

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