Darcy Shares Kid-Friendly Activities for the Spring

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Darcy and her familyTell us more about yourself and your site.

I’m Darcy, a SAH (stay-at-home) mother of three children (6, 5, and 3-years-old) who likes: sleeping in, Alice Munro, cheap red wine, old rocking chairs, shoes without heels, mix tapes, balloons, the color grey, and discovering new things. On Tuesdays, I blog about things we make (sometimes crafts, sometimes food, sometimes I stretch the definition of “make”) and on Thursdays I blog about things we read (sometimes kids’ books, sometimes books for adults, sometimes random articles). The rest of the time I blog about places we go and things we do. Sometimes the blog is pretty random, just like me.”

What are a few things you’ve learned from your three kids?

  1. Slow down, sometimes really slow. Notice the flowers and the puddles (I know it’s a cliché, but it’s true).
  2. Use your imagination as much as possible
  3. It’s okay to throw a tantrum every once in a while, but then you need to get over yourself and move past it.
  4. Take walks. Lots of walks.

What do you think has been the most challenging part of parenting?

Summer vacation.

What has been the best part?

Summer vacation.

What are the top three lessons you have learned as a mother?

  1. Stuff doesn’t matter. Really. You can get by with a cheap stroller and hand me down toys. When your kids really want something, they’ll let you know. So save your money for when they do.
  2. You don’t need to see everything or do everything. If at the end of the day you can think of one thing that happened that made you happy, then it was a good day. Even if that one thing is as simple as a tantrum-free trip to Target.
  3. Don’t judge other parents, it’s not worth your time or their time. Everyone has a different story with different circumstances. And all kids are different.

What are you looking forward to most this Spring?

This spring we’re looking forward to spending more time outside, especially now that we have FINALLY moved past the stroller years, so the whole family can hike (usually short distances) together.

Last autumn my oldest daughter enjoyed nature scavenger hunts so we’ll probably take more of these throughout the spring. My youngest son is really into pointing out colors and numbers, so we may go on a color-based scavenger hunt using paintchips.

What are your favorite spring crafts that you are planning to do with your kids?

We often go on nature walks throughout the neighborhood, picking up small stones, leaves, sticks, etc. along the way.  We take everything home and try to make some sort of art project with it all – once we created nature prints using stamp pads. Other times we used the natural materials as artistic inspiration or incorporated them into drawings. One of our favorite easy projects is to make generic sunprints by placing a series of objects on dark construction paper and then leaving it outside in the sun.

Hopefully, this year we’ll return to some of our favorite outdoor art while also trying new things – such as painting faces on stones or creating mobiles from small branches. Now that my oldest daughter is 7, she often comes up with the ideas and I just make sure we have the right materials on hand.

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