Kittencaboodle- an interview with Emily Taylor



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Kittencaboodle pagan wife an interview.

Tell me about your family and your blog?

I live in the Midwest with my husband, son and our two cats.  My blog follows my progress as a wife, mother, gardener and teacher.  There are so many different aspects of my personality that blogging helps me keep myself grounded and track my growth.  I've been blogging since I was in college.  This latest iteration focuses on my life as a pagan wife and mother who teaches and gardens and how I make sense of everything.

What is one thing about your family that not many people know?

This is tough!  We tend to live our life pretty openly.  I guess it would be how seriously my husband and I take our partnership.  We are equals in parenting and our marriage, and we always work hard to ensure that the marriage remains equal.  We went to counseling to learn to better improve our communication skills.  We're constantly evaluating how that goes and trying to improve upon it.

What was your biggest challenge being a mom?

Not being perfect.  When you have kids, you expect that books and articles will make it easier.  Instead, it really just puts more pressure on you.  Perfection only exists in stories and movies.

Accepting that I made a mistake and learning to apologize to my child when I made one was difficult. But, I also use that to teach my child that no one is perfect and apologies are good.

What do you use coupons and special offers when you shop?

I look for ways to maximize what I get and use it on items I know we're going to use.  We don't have much room, so wasted space is a big no-no in our house.  If it's going to sit there and never be used, I won't get it.  Kroger's "10 for 10" is a big help.  I also look at what we have planned and go from there.

What  are your top 10 tips for moms?

1 - Don't worry about the little things.  We tend to fret and fuss over the small details when the big picture is so important.

2 - They are only kids once.  If they want to bounce on a bed, run through the house chasing imaginary dragons, or sit upside-down on the sofa... Let them.  Heck, do it with them.

3 - Babies in Africa survive being dirty.  Kids are washable, so are most other things in life.  Let them play in the mud puddle.

4 - Being a Rules Monster isn't fun.  Know when to let things go.

5 - Kids learn by example.  Know what example are you setting.

6 - Enjoy your kids.  Pretty soon, you'll be an annoyance.  Right now, you can fix everything with a kiss or a hug.

7 - Look at life from their angle.  A whole new world opens up.  Why is a grasshopper fascinating or what's in that patch of dirt?

8 - Calendars are your friend.  There's so much that goes on in life, trying to remember it all is a losing battle.  Calendars were created for a reason.

9 - Listen, even when they aren't talking directly to you.  You can learn so much about your kids from the conversations they have with friends, stuffed animals, or family pets.

10 - Don't just tell them you love them, show it all the time.  Kids, like plants, need food, water, sunlight and love.  Hug them, kiss them... Every chance you get.

What are your favorite brands and where do you buy them?

Other than Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits, I don't really have any favorite brands. I'm more interested in what gives me the best value for my money spent.  I'll scour the internet for price comparisons and shop where I can.

What are your contact details (this is optional, email, blog, Facebook, MySpace, forums etc) ?

I can be reached at or at my blog: Krafty

Kitten -   I'm also on

Twitter -

Who would you recommend and why?

The Pioneer Woman - As a wannabe homesteader and a homeschooling mom, The Pioneer Woman gives me some inspiration for cooking and homeschooling.

Otherwise, I follow many other ladies who are balancing life and family rather handily.

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